Freedom and value, that is what it’s all about. We want to include all grappling styles in our tournament. Every grappling style is welcome. That’s what International Luta Livre Championships means to us: there are no restrictions concerning styles, concepts or roots. We are one big family and closely related, we all have elements that are included in other styles.

You don’t need a lineage or something to prove where you come from, you just have to be the best grappler that you can be, no matter if you are a Luta Livre, BJJ, Sambo, CACC or other Wrestling player…. There are too many athletes of high potential out there, who don’t or can’t compete at other big tournaments, because they are not willing to play by their rules and restrictions…they won’t find these borders with us.

We want to be a new and innovative tournament that gives athletes opportunities to develop a recognition and give their titles a meaning and value. They will be ranked and rewarded for participating in ILLCS.

As our symbol the Phoenix stands for renewal, we want to be the Phoenix rising from the ashes, our goal is to give grappling tournaments on a big scale a reborn, purified and strong soul, which is partly lost in some tournaments and the art of grappling styles is diminished.

Our goal is to present professional Grappling tournaments which are not too limited to show the true potential of the sport and of the athletes. The athletes will get the chance to become well known in the world of Grappling arts so that they can gain the interest of sponsors.