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This is the 2nd time the ILLCS Championships Germany take place. We have more youth and more women divisions this time!

The ILLCS is a Submission only Tournament with MODIFIED EBI Ruleset.

The International Luta Livre Championships are fought in a Pool System (Multi Stage System).

First you fight in pools than you fight in a KO System. Check out www.illcs.net for further information.

Door opens at 09:45 a.m. in the morning

Competition starts on all mats at 11.30 a.m. in the morning

Weigh-in in Fightgear (or underwear) at 10:00 -11:00.

Please bring your ID to the weigh-in!

Travel Information: The nearest Airport is Hannover (International Airport). From there it's only twenty minutes to the event. And it's only 2,5 km from Central Station Hannover. We fight in the Big Sports-Hall of Leibnitz University Hannover at: Moritzwinkel 6, just 2,5 km from the city center.

Hotel Information: There is an abundance of hotels in Hannover and the surrounding suburbs.

Youth, Adults and Masters divisions at all levels will be competing to find the new Germany ILLCS 2019 Champions!

It is open to ALL STYLES and NATIONALITIES, it is the 2nd tournament of the FIRST SEASON of the ILLCS and you have the chance to be placed in a completely new international ranking!

We are open to competitors of all levels, styles and organizations.

5,- Euros entrance fee only for audience!

You will be categorized in the following divisions:

1. Brown/ Black (elite level Grappler)

2. Blue (intermediate Grapplers)/ Purple (advanced grapplers )

3. White (beginner levels: up to Orange in Luta Livre/ white in BJJ)

If you are not ranked in Luta Livre or BJJ You can join the divisions by years of training

1. Brown/ Black (elite level Grappler) 5 years and above or professional MMA Fighters

2. Blue (intermediate Grapplers)/ Purple (advanced grapplers ) 2-5 years of training

3. White (beginner levels: up to Orange in Luta Livre/ white in BJJ) 1-2 years of training

Youth Divisions are boys and girls in seperate divisions from 14 to 17 years.

Categories for Women and Men start at 18 years and then the male Masters in two categories (+30 years and +40 years).

WOMEN Classes are with Belts/ Levels now!

As Masters you can of course start in the lower age divisions from 18+ if you like.

You will win high quality Medals for Places 1-3. And  trophies for Open Class winners and a big trophy for the best Team of the day.

You will get your money back, if we can't offer you fights!

Everyone will be ranked in our Seasonal Ranking, the teams will also be ranked.

Visit    www.illcs.net     for further information.


Zentrum für Hochschulsport »
Am Moritzwinkel 6
Fuseau horaire: Europe/Berlin


  • Youth Boys 14-17 40 EUR
  • Youth Girls14-17 40 EUR
  • Youth Boys14-17 Absolute 10 EUR
    Open weight class for boys
  • Youth Girls14-17 Absolute 10 EUR
    Open weight class for girls
  • Women 55 EUR
    Women Classes are with Belts/ Levels now. In the Absolute divisions too!
  • Women Absolute 20 EUR
  • Men 55 EUR
  • Men Absolute 20 EUR